Varied Shots, Various Expressions

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The Random Shutter

Modes are like moods. The atmosphere around the subject depends on the setting. Whether it is scenic, in-depth, low light, or self-captured, expressions are always vibrant and is expressed thoroughly and visibly by photographs:


  1. Scenic Mode. This mode offers the best when you want to capture a wide array of subjects in an image. This mode is best when used with tripods for stability of the photo.


  1. In-depth. Most of the people call it ‘close-up shot’. What I like about in-depth shooting is that it makes me have an in-depth view in life. Best setting for small subjects or close-up shooting (like faces, hands, etc.)


  1. Low Light. Shooting in low light without flash is quite challenging, but the results are fulfilling. Just adjust your exposure, have a lower shutter speed, and ISO (lower ISO setting for light settings and higher ISO for darker settings).


  1. Self-Captured. Also known to the world…

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