The Day I Almost Stopped PTX from Happening!

This is gold! I am a huge Pentatonix fan and I don’t know what to do with my life if Daddy Mike stopped Mitchy from pursuing his passion: Singing!


It was the summer of 2011. Even the idea of Pentatonix wasn’t in the wind. The school year was about to come to a close in Arlington. Mitch was about to graduate from high school. He’d been accepted to four colleges. One on the east coast, one on the west, one local and one just north of the Texas border (see Also, Kirstie M). Some were even offering substantial scholarships. The post-high school picture was starting to form and it all looked rather bright.

Through all the applications and conversations and, in the end, disappointment, there was just something lingering in the background. It was just a feeling, really. But Mitch, myself, and his mom, all felt like college wasn’t the way to go. And as time went on we began feeling like we were spinning our wheels in the mud with the whole college process.

Soon afterward, the colleges…

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