Niagra falls of the South: Tinuy-an Falls

Another one from Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines. This multi-tiered falls has a total height of 180.4 feet and 312 feet wide. Some of the tourists touted it as the little Niagara Falls of the Philippines for its similar structures with one another.


It is very amazing. You can’t even explain the majestic view of the falls. It is really one of the most unique natural formations and best waterfalls in the Philippines. The place is also a home of various species, making it a very ideal place for nature lovers and adventure seeker.
Jhaypee Guia, 2015

I was just taking pictures of my aunties and her friends, and I wasn’t planning on taking a dip but the water is surely inviting to me. I have these reasons where I keep saying “I won’t swim, I’m too lazy to dry my hair.” or “I don’t want to have soiled clothes and change into new ones.” but I indulged the waters anyway.


There’s this raft ride for 10php as I can recall, where they take you across the falls and near the cascades to get a water massage. Some of the guides will take you above the falls and see the situation there.

It was an overwhelming experience. I literally put my camera away from me and let my uncle handle it for awhile so I could enjoy the water. I could actually live there and not go back home at all. A place worth visiting at any given time.


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