Improper Waste Disposal


Every individual possesses garbage composed of different elements. Be it a plastic bottle, a dog manure, a banana peel from yesterday’s lunch or a candy wrapper. It all needs to be disposed properly.

A single trash can be easily resolved but the accumulation of many garbage can do a lot of hard work and to be honest, it’s not pleasant to the eyes and nose as well (the non-biodegradable decomposes and releases foul odor in the process).

Solid wastes thrown in streets, highways, and waterways can cause pollution when they are carried off by rainwater run-offs or by flood water to the main streams or drainage, as they contaminating residues will reach larger bodies of water.


Imagine passing by a street filled with piles of garbage like the picture above. Quite disgusting, isn’t it? Whether you believe it or not, the downtown area of General Santos has the situation.


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